The Guardian Eye

Protect Your Family From Online Threats

Monitor All Of Your Employees

Uncover Deceitful Cheaters

Know What's Really Going On

Every day, millions of children, teens, and even adults are at risk from online threats. Hackers, hijackers, Porn advertisements, Sexual solicitors, Rapists, Pedofiles, and more are only a click away from getting in touch with your family over the internet. The only way to stop them is to know of their existence; that's where The Guardian Eye comes in! TGEYE Computer Monitoring Software will let you will know who your daughter is talking to, what websites your son visited, who your husband or wife really emailed, and more! Don't go unprotected any longer! Get TGEYE today and start protecting yourself and your family!

For just $39.99, you can get your hands on an UNLIMITED LICENSE of TGEYE! But don't let that price fool you! Our competitors, whose products have lesser functionality, charge ridiculous amounts more for SINGLE licenses! And the best part is, we offer a FREE version that you can try before you buy so that you can see just how much better The Guardian Eye really is.

Are you looking to see what your computer is really being used for? Are you ready to find out what your employees have been doing on your time? Are you ready to see the truth? Well look no further! The Guardian Eye Computer Monitoring Software is the tool you've been waiting for! Whether it's to protect your children, catch an untrustworthy spouse, monitor every last one of your employees, or just for personal security, TGEYE is the tool you can trust.