One question that all good employers should ask is, "What are my employees actually doing on our computers?" Are they really spending 8 hours on that spreadsheet, or were they really just getting paid to browse the web?

In the past, finding the answer to those questions would have required a technical wizard conjuring computer magic... But not anymore, thanks to ESRA:

Employee Surveillance and Remote Administration software!

With ESRA, you can easily monitor and administrate your employees without violating their privacy! ESRA runs stealthily in the background and completely monitors every user's activity. Then it generates easily readable graphs, charts, and details that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection!

The best part is, if you see your employees are running programs they shouldn't be using, you can easily block them with the click of a button!

We're so confident that ESRA will increase your business' overall productivity that we're willing to give away 3 Licenses for FREE!

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